What is Biohacking?

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Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you have full control over your own biology.  Its a do-it-yourself (DIY) form of human optimization and enhancement which has begun to skyrocket due to the advancement of technology.

People may want to hack their biology for various reasons, such as to:

  • Improve their performance and capabilities
  • Exert control and influence over their health
  • Fix what they perceive as flaws
  • Try and extend their lives

Examples Biohacking in Action


One popular form of biohacking is a group of substances called nootropics, or “smart drugs.”

A particularly popular form of biohacking is optimization of the brain using substances called “smart drugs” or nootropics.  These can take the form of medications or natural substances which help unlock the unlimited potential of the brain. 


Another popular form of biohacking involves a group of substances called Adaptogens which can influence sleep, mood, restfulness, and energy.  These amazing optimizers seek to solve the very serious modern issue of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.  

Stress is endemic and probably the biggest danger in modern life.  It usually takes the form of sleeplessness but it can rear its ugly head in anxiety.  Its killed more people than the pandemic and it has its sights set on you.  

We believe we can arm ourselves with the tools and mindset to beat modern day stress and take back this very core part of our lives.  This is one of the most impactful and important areas of your life to take control of.  

Body Performance

Whether you want to perform better in athletics or the bedroom, body performance enhancers seek to improve the biological performance and capabilities of the human body.  

Other biohackers simply seek to have lower body fat and a leaner, healthier and sexier body.  

If you dial in this part you get all of those combined.  Your body will feel strong, virile, loose and nimble while looking lean and tone. 

The Results

If you follow a Biohacker lifestyle you can literally use these powerful substances to upgrade and improve every aspect of your life.  

We only stock the best of the best! Substances and formulations that are tried and true and tested with our community to best the best products to upgrade your biology, performance and well being.  

If your interested anyone of these areas of improvement we’ve put together collections of product for each area:

Adaptogens for Stress & Sleep

Nootropics for Brain Optimization

Body Performance Bedroom

Body Performance for Weight Loss