Top 5 Tips for Easier, More Restful Sleep

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Face it— You aren’t yourself when you’re tired.

It’s like you’re moving in slow motion, your body and brain struggling to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Your tiredness compounds on itself, too, making you more and more tired as the days go by.

It gets exhausting being exhausted!

The truth is, a good night’s rest is the best possible way to ensure a well-spent day after waking up.

Sadly, too many of us aren’t getting the sleep we so desperately need.

That’s why we put together this handy guide with 5 knockout tips to get you to sleep fast. 

1. Limit Your Caffeine Consumption

Here’s a not so fun fact: Caffeine can sit in your body’s system for up to 14 whole hours.

That means if you drink coffee for a pick me up at 4 PM, that artificial energy will keep you awake well past midnight!

To avoid this, try to not drink coffee past noon or consume any caffeine during dinner.

That should keep your energy levels normalized for when you need to get some shuteye. 

2. Try not to sleep in too late (Even during the weekend!)

We totally get it. After working hard during the week, you want to make your days off as relaxing as possible by sleeping in.

But wait! You can reverse an entire week’s worth of good sleep habits by neglecting them on the weekend.

Your body gets frazzled and will try to reboot its sleeping rhythm, making it even more challenging to get a good night’s rest during the week.

The best solution is to stick to a healthy sleep schedule no matter what day of the week it is.

After all, waking up early and refreshed leaves even more of the day to enjoy! 

3. Lower Your Bedroom’s Temperature

The warmer you are at night, the more awake your body wants to be!

Try lowering the temperature a bit before bed to ease yourself into slumber, or wear fewer layers.

The contrast between your chilly room and the cozy embrace of your blanket can be incredibly soothing, getting you to sleep a lot faster. 

4. Meditate to Soothe your Mind

By calming yourself down before bed, that tranquility can carry over to your sleep.

There are plenty of easy ways to do this. Maybe you’d like to listen to rain noises on a loop or some calming music.

You can also download one of many useful meditation apps on your smartphone that helps guide you to a more peaceful state.

No matter what you choose, it’s proven that a calm mind transitions smoothly to a restful one!

5. Use a Proven, Effective Sleep Aid

There are a ton of sleep aids out there, all promising better sleep. Here’s a list of what a good sleep aid should offer:

  • Cuts down on stress and anxiety
    Being anxious or troubled before bedtime can keep you awake like nothing else as your brain chases itself in circles. This leads to bad sleep habits which then leads to MORE anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle that a good sleep aid can help break.

  • Helps you develop healthy sleep patterns
    Using a sleep aid at the same time for a few nights can train your body to grow tired at that same time every night. This promotes a consistent sleep pattern that in turn leads to healthier sleep overall.

  • Extends how long you sleep
    It’s important to get a full night’s sleep to fully reenergize your body. The best sleep aids make your sleep more restful and longer-lasting so you hit the optimal 8 hours of sleep.

  • Powers up focus and cognition
    A good night’s sleep means a better tomorrow. By inducing restful slumber, a sleep aid can boost your brainpower after you wake up.

  • All-Natural and Safe
    It’s best to only take sleep aids with fully natural and wholesome ingredients. This ensures the best sleep possible with zero drowsiness or hangover.

If you’re looking for a sleep aid with all of these essentials, we’ve got just the products for you. All of our sleep aids are carefully crafted with 100% natural and safe ingredients to ease you into the best sleep of your life.


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Getting a good night’s sleep is a lot more complex than just shutting your eyes and hoping.

But with these tips, now you can take charge of your sleep schedule and get the rest you deserve. Remember to try all of these tips together for max effectiveness

Sweet dreams!