The Amazing Benefits of a "Teatox" Cleanse (Part 1 of 2)

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Have you heard of a "teatox" before? Well, in case you're new to the trend, here's the skinny: detoxing with a detox tea is all the rage right now. Despite the wonders of modern scientific advancement, we're exposing ourselves to more toxins than ever before. Heavy metals, oxidative stress, and even too much sun exposure are creating a toxic environment that our bodies are constantly struggling to clean up. So why not give your body a helping hand and supercharge its toxin-flushing abilities with a detox tea? The physical health benefits of teatoxing are as enlightening as they are great in number.

Why Drink a Detox Tea?

The most important reason for detoxifying your body with a teatox is to improve your physical health and wellbeing. You have several major organs - including your skin, your liver, and kidneys - which are all designed to flush toxic elements out of your system. But when you have too much toxic buildup in your body, it makes it hard for these organs to do their jobs.

Detoxing your body is especially important and beneficial for your liver health. Out of all your major organs, the liver is the epicenter for detoxification. But things like liver stones, certain medications (both prescription and OTC), excess alcohol consumption, smoking, and eating too many processed foods put a bigger workload on your liver than it may be able to handle. Think of it like a traffic jam on a California highway; nobody's getting where they need to go, and all of that exhaust is causing stinky, gross problems everywhere. Now imagine that exact same situation happening in your body. Detoxing - especially teatoxing - is great for removing that nightmare scenario from your person.

Next, you need to think about your kidney health. Unhealthy kidneys can lead to infections, fluid retention, and painful kidney stones. Your liver may be responsible for neutralizing toxins, but they won't actually leave your body unless your kidneys are in optimal health. Leaving those toxins floating around in your bloodstream can cause irritation and harm, making you feel unhealthy and tired all the time. Plus, fluid retention will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable in your own skin.

Lastly, as far as major organs go, a teatox can yield some fantastic health benefits for your GI tract. When you cleanse your colon, for example, you help remove impacted feces which are festering with toxins and harmful bacteria. More often than not, a good colon cleanse can repopulate your intestines with good bacteria, reducing chronic inflammation and helping your body absorb nutrients better. Above all, a good cleanse helps get rid of that bloated, uncomfortable feeling that can come from irregular bowel movements and difficulty going to the bathroom.

Detox teas also help promote greater hydration levels in your body. When you are dehydrated, it causes health problems for your body both inside and out. Your skin looks dull and ages faster. You run a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. You risk damaging your kidneys, and your body loses the ability to regulate body temperature, muscle contractions, and joint movement. If you can't exercise due to muscle and joint pain or because you can't sweat enough to keep your body cool, that reduces your body's ability to detox itself. And if your dull, dry skin makes you afraid to leave the house and socialize, well, that's a whole other set of problems all together!   

Speaking of exercise, detox teas help make physical activity - one of the most important things you can do to improve your health and wellness - that much easier. The enhanced hydration we just talked about helps reduce muscle cramps, joint pain, and injuries which would otherwise discourage people from moving around. Plus, detox teas are great for improving your sleep habits, giving you tons of energy each and every day.

As a matter of fact, teatoxing your body has a number of different benefits with regard to sleep. Whether you're drinking a morning tea or an evening tea, or both, either one can help you rest better. Nighttime teatoxes help reduce stress and calm your mind without the use of dangerous sleeping pills. This helps you get a more natural sleep and even improves brain health.  

Drinking a morning tea infused with moderate levels of natural caffeine can help you feel awake and alert, making you expend more energy. The more active you are during the day, the more worn out and ready for bed you'll feel when the sun goes down. Plus, the antioxidants in caffeinated teas help repair cell damage during the day; this gives your major detox organs a smaller workload to deal with while you sleep, helping them clean house more effectively. You'll feel revitalized and energized the next morning thanks to a significantly reduced population of toxins in your system.

The Health Benefits of Teatoxing Go Beyond the Physical

So far, we've done a very thorough job of covering all the physical health benefits of detoxing your body with the magical healing power of tea. It improves kidney and liver function, which are some of the most important organs responsible for purging the human body of poisonous toxic materials. It helps improve digestive health by improving your gut flora, helping you become more regular and ridding your GI tract of old, lingering waste that your body can't seem to expel. It even helps make you healthier by making it easier for you to exercise more and get a high quality rest every night.

But did you know that teatoxing is also excellent for your brain health? Technically, the brain is an organ too; but most people differentiate between the physical health of their noggin and everything else from the neck down. It's easy to understand why, given that the emotional health and wellness you get from a healthy brain feel so different when compared to a healthy gut or higher energy levels. In part two, we'll discuss all of the emotional benefits you'll get from completing a teatox regimen - as well as some secret, surprise benefits you may have never even thought of! To learn more about a new detox tea, click here.