Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity

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Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity
Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity
Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity
Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity
Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity
Constant Focus - For All Day Concentration & Clarity

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Snap out of it!

Ever find yourself totally unable to concentrate on a task?

No matter how important it is, whether it’s a work assignment or passion project, sometimes it’s just impossible to stay focused. 


That’s your phone. Don’t you want to check who texted you?

STOP! Focus. Back to work….

..But don’t you wonder what your pet is up to?

This cycle continues until the day is over and you haven’t gotten anything done at all. 

We’ve all been there, and when modern life is filled to the brim with distractions - usually in the form of the glowing rectangle we keep in our pockets - it’s no wonder we find it hard to stay focused. 

Luckily for us, there’s Constant Focus


Get in the Zone and Stay there

Constant Focus uses fully natural and non-habit forming nootropic ingredients that help sharpen your mind and increase cognitive functions.

Ever find it hard to push yourself to even start something, even if you really enjoy it?

Constant Focus can help motivate you to begin projects while giving you the boost in creativity you need to make them great. 

With a focused mind, retaining information and memories also becomes far easier. 

Imagine being able to recall every item on your grocery list without fail. Turn your mind into an ironclad vault for memories and important info.

Or what about avoiding the uncomfortable “I’m sorry, what was your name again?” after spacing out during introductions? No more awkward moments or being at a loss for words!

Constant Focus brings out the best in your brain so you’re always at the top of your mental game. 


How to Use

Start your day by taking two (2) tablets of Constant Focus in the morning with breakfast. An additional two (2) tablets may be taken in the afternoon, also taken with food. 

Here are some more helpful tips for increasing mental clarity:

  • Drink at least 64 oz of water per day
  • Perform light to moderate exercise at least 30 minutes daily
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet

    Constant Focus Ingredients



    BacoMind boasts 9 unique bioactive ingredients that boost cognition and memory.

    This ingredient can also reduce the risk neurodegenerative disorders linked to aging, improving your mind’s health as well as strength. 

    Huperzia serrata (Huperzine A)

    This alkaloid is commonly used to treat several neurodegenerative disorders while simultaneously improving neuron communication to boost brain function.

    Gotu kola

    Frequently referred to as”brain food,” Gotu Kola exhibits mild anti-anxiety, anti-stress, and sedative effects. It can also help improve cognitive functions like concentration and memory.

    Relaxation is a key component of focus, making Gotu Kola’s calming properties the perfect addition to Constant Focus. 


    This nutrient is vital to the body’s cellular function and structure. It’s also an important part of the molecule phosphatidylcholine which maintains cellular integrity and therefore helps with information flow, cell communication, and bioenergetics which all contribute to a healthy brain.

    Phosphatidylserine (LECI-PSR)

    Phosphatidylserine is a pivotal complex molecule for brain functionality that’s been the subject of many laboratory experiments due to it’s vast array of benefits. These include 

    • Minimizing memory loss caused by aging
    • Restoring synaptic activity
    • Preventing dendritic density loss
    • Increasing the functionality of neurotransmitters

    Turmeric Root

    This spice contains curcumin - a powerful antioxidant that can also improve cognition by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF): a hormone that aids in neuron development. This can delay neurodegenerative disorders while strengthening brain functionality.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Terry Atencio
    Really helps to combat grogginess in the morning.

    Really helps to combat grogginess in the morning. It is helping me every day. And they smell so good!

    Timothy Smith
    Not sure yet

    I have only been using Constant Focus for a week. But I have seen a difference in my clarity of focus. But I would like to see if it changes even more before it runs out.

    Maria De

    This is an excellent product..noticable difference
    One of the best nootropics available. Have taken this for over 2 years.

    Great stuff!

    Man, I really like this product. If you're on the fence, just look at the ingredients and look up some of them. This is a mixture of many proven ingredients. I used to buy some of these separately, but now I can take them all together in one convenient capsule. Much easier in the morning. Really helps me stay focused at work. I usually have a lot of trouble and find myself goofing off and picking up my phone to check things when I should be working, but I feel that urge to much less when taking constant focus because I feel much more invested and interested in my work.

    Andrew deStefano
    Small change for the better.

    The subject line says it all.