More Testosterone, More Man

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It used to be a thing and maybe it still is that a guy who just didn't have a lot of muscles was called a ninety-pound weakling. Now, that's pretty extreme since no guy near or at full maturity could really be that light but the point is that no man wants to be thought of as being weak or a lightweight no matter what his actual size is. But, some guys are just naturally thin and no matter how much they work out or eat they will never be would one might call muscle especially while they are young and their metabolism is working like a steam engine being stoked to the maximum. This is generally true but only if that guy doesn't do something to change the equation. And, for those who think that kind of thing would be cheating let's come to grips with a basic fact. No man who has achieved a significant level of physical fitness with larger than average muscle growth has done so without a little help.

Brains Over Brawn

In the area of evolution there are two main factors which allow men to become leaders in the world and they are intelligence and physical strength. And, given the aggressive nature of men and the world that they have largely built both of these traits can be of great benefit. Still, the best thing would be for a guy to have the best of both worlds which means that he could be both highly intelligent and physically strong. So, in essence, it's not really a case of brains over brawn but brains and brawn that would be the ultimate goal for any guy who truly wants to be the master of his domain.

Okay, maybe there are limits to just how intelligent any guy can be. After all, there is not really a great deal a man can do to increase his IQ but there's no reason he can't work on his intellect the same way he works on his body. So, the point here is that any man who wants to truly raise the level of his game in order to compete at a higher level should be looking to turn himself into and more rounded person in general.

The Power Of Physical Attraction

There's no denying that a man can win over women with his intellect and wit but that requires getting the woman to give him the opportunity to let him display those traits. This is not that easy since initial attraction plays a large role at the start of any relationship. Take for example the emphasis that women put on looking their best through the use of makeup, clothing and hairstyles. This is no accident as women have known from near the very beginning of our species that men are first attracted to them by the way they look and all of these factors come into play as a way for women to appear more fertile and vital.

Although women have been shown to place less emphasis on physical appearance than men do there is no denying that they also are attracted to men who exhibit signs of physical strength and virility. So, there's really no question that a man who looks like he can provide and protect her on a very instinctual level has a better shot at being the guy she wants to be with.

Supplementing Your Growth

In the end there's no way around the fact that a man has a far better chance of getting what he wants in life if he makes the most of his physical gifts and with the natural limitations that are placed on him by genetics there is only one real way to overcome any deficiencies that he may have versus other men that he is trying to compete with. Yes, we're talking about bodybuilding supplements and the simple fact is that any man who is able to pack on a significant amount of muscle is using them to enhance their growth capabilities.

The most important of all of these would be those that help to boost the levels of testosterone. This is true because this vital male hormone is at the center of everything that makes a man look and feel like the men that both men and women admire. One of the best options on the market today can be found in a product known as Nitro XL which contains an excellent mix of highly safe and effective elements known to boost testosterone product and elevate the levels of nitric oxide which are critical to intensely productive workouts and delivers the maximum amount of oxygen and nutrients to all of the major muscle groups. This is primarily made possible by the use of the critical amino acid known as L- Arginine which numerous studies have proven to create the conditions for explosive growth in testosterone production in adult males.

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