Four Favors You Can Do For Your Hair

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Our hair has been through the ringer, hasn't it? Countless washes, dries, flat irons and curling irons and crimpers and ponytails. Maybe even harsh chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring? We are all guilty of it to some degree. We have used and abused our hair in the name of beauty, so how can we apologize and thank our hair for all its hard work?  Well, there are a few favors you can do to help out your hair after enduring all of that difficulty.

Number One: Hydrate!

We all need to remember to keep our bodies hydrated to feel and function at our best. Our hair is no different. But unlike us, our hair can't just take a sip of water and feel refreshed. Hair is mostly composed of keratin, which is a fibrous protein. That means it doesn't dissolve in water. On one hand, that's great, or our daily showers would melt our coif right off. But on the other, it means that exposure to water (especially hot water) will actually pull moisture out of our hair. That's right. More washing can equal drier hair, and an oilier scalp to boot!

So how to we hydrate hair, if not with water? Well, the answer is in your head, or rather, on it. The scalp produces natural oils to combat dryness, but it can only secrete them at the top of the head, making roots look oily and unkempt. What if we applied oil to the length and tips, then? Now you've got it! 

But don't reach for that bottle of EVOO in your kitchen just yet. Not all oils are made equal. There are literal tons of the stuff out on the beauty market, but the best of the best know Argan Oil is where it's at. The purer the quality, the better. Pure Argan Oil means nothing else is penetrating into the core of the hair but the most refreshing, helpful ingredients. Some companies do, however, provide serums that are an Argan Oil blend, and these can have incredible side benefits as well, so they are definitely worth a look.

Number Two: Check Your List Twice

The ingredient list, that is. Take a look at your hair products and really read through what's on there. A bunch of words that sound like they are direct quotes from a sci-fi movie about how to build a spaceship, most likely. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however. Some ridiculously complex names are actually just everyday things in disguise. Take Linum Usitatissimum, for example. Sounds like an alien race, but is actually just flaxseed oil, exactly like the kind you have put in your green goddess smoothies at your favorite juice bar.

Arguably even more important than knowing what is good is knowing what is bad. What are the tell-tale ingredients that make a product one you should avoid? Well, there is debate among every beauty expert, but most can agree on the biggest and worst.

  • Parabens: These harmful chemicals are often included as preservatives in many cosmetic products. However, they can be very dangerous and studies have linked them to an increased risk of breast cancer. They are still legal and deemed "safe for use" as pro-paraben utilizers argue that in tiny amounts, parabens make a negligible difference in cancer rates. Still, if you want what's best for your hair and health, why even take the risk when so many companies offer paraben-free? Most times on ingredient lists, parabens will be in small print at the end, often accompanied by a long chemical name for the exact sort of paraben it is.
  • Skin-irritants: Even if you're putting a product exclusively on your hair, you still don't want it to have anything that might irritate your skin. Your scalp is skin. Our hair touches our skin. Some people have long hair that sweeps their shoulders or even down their back. Short-haired people aren't off the hook either, though. As we age, we lose about 100 hairs a day. And where do they go? Many fall onto our pillows, where we lay our delicate, beautiful faces at night.  
  • Silicones: While not damaging to hair outright, silicones can give a shiny appearance, but it ends up making it more difficult for any beneficial product to penetrate into the core of the hair. Instead, it makes a slick, shiny slip-n-slide down our strands, keeping everything, good or bad, off of our hair. 

Number Three: Eat Right

I know we're talking hair health here, but a perfect pixie cut starts with locks grown with plenty of nutrition. Some things just don't come in a bottle, and one of those is a diet rich in omega-3s. Salmon is long hair lovers' best friend. It is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help hair grow in the first place, and also help keep hair strong. It is also a fantastic source of protein and vitamins D3 and B, all of which help stronger, healthier hair. 

Don't worry; we don't all need to become pescatarians and live on fish-only diets for happy, healthy hair. Other foods can lend a helping hand too. Eggs, berries, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, seeds, and sweet peppers are all fantastic sources of different vitamins and healthy fats which the body can break down and send to our hair for promoted growth and strength. 

The key is balance. We need all of these foods, all of these vitamins and fatty acids and minerals, to have a healthy body and therefore, healthy hair. 

Number Four: Let It Rest

Sometimes a good night of sleep makes all the difference in life, doesn't it? Well, our hair doesn't sleep, but we do put it through a lot of constant activity. Putting it up, taking it down, washing, drying, styling, on and on and on. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our hair is just to stop. Stop all of it. Just for a day, or maybe a weekend if possible. 

I know, going about life without flat ironing in the morning can seem deranged, but your hair will thank you. It doesn't need to be a complete cut out, however. Just once in a while, when possible, skip the blow dryer. Don't flat iron on Sundays. Skip the ponytail or messy bun. Let your hair just exist. Doing so gives it downtime to rest and rejuvenate. 

If your hair is incredibly damaged, or you're just looking to boost its potential, consider applying a little bit of a carefully selected serum to help repair it. We talked about how important hydration is for our hair; take a day once a week if you can and just smooth some hydrating serum through your strands, and let them wallow in the regenerative bliss. 

Your hair deserves a break, and so do you.

Hair Health Help

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