Protective Eye Goggles, Clear, Splash-proof Safety Glasses - Ships From USA

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Protective Eye Goggles, Clear, Splash-proof Safety Glasses - Ships From USA
Protective Eye Goggles, Clear, Splash-proof Safety Glasses - Ships From USA
Protective Eye Goggles, Clear, Splash-proof Safety Glasses - Ships From USA
Protective Eye Goggles, Clear, Splash-proof Safety Glasses - Ships From USA

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Protective Eye Goggles / Safety Glasses

Scientists now warn us that we can become infected with COVID-19 when droplets come in contact with our eyes.

Whether you have to work or just go out into crowded situations, masks and gloves are not enough to prevent exposure to droplets from infected people. Reduce your exposure to COVID-19 and other risks with these comfortable and durable protective eye goggles.

These quality safety glasses can also prevent damage to your eyes from other sources including flying objects, small particles and strong light.

  • The protection you need when a mask and gloves are not enough
  • Lightweight safety goggles to protect your eyes
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Scratch resistant lens provides sun protection and impact protection.
  • Clear lens is convenient for general purposes, work, and social distancing
  • Easily to put on and take off, effective filtering of strong light

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lita Villenueva
Simply the best!

Okay, not many people are wearing googles with their masks if they aren't in a medical setting but I'm not taking any more chances after getting through this criss for this long. I bought these hoping they'd work well and they really do. It's actually kind of reassuring when I take them off at the end of the day and see all the dried particles on the lens that would have gone into my eyes.

Dominic Leland
Just The Thing!

I guess you could say that I'm one of those essential workers because I work in public transportation. Government officials and management say that we have to be there to do our jobs but they don't always make sure that we have the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep us safe while we come into close contact with thousands of people every day. Sure, I have have extra masks for when they run out but they don't provide us with anything to protect our eyes even though they know that people who are forced to stay in closed environments for long periods of time can get the virus in their eyes. These goggles are just what I needed to protect myself. The quality is good and I can afford to have a couple pairs in case I break or lose a set.

Cecilia Loomis
Well Worth The Money

I work in a long term care facility and we're always trying to improve procedures to protect our patients and ourselves. We've had the masks and gloves that we needed for patient care but getting enough protective eyewear has been another story. Because of that we started looking outside the regular supply chain and found these. We bought a few to try them out and were so impressed! There are a lot of bad options out there so be careful what you buy. These will get the job done and don't cost and arm and a leg.

Sarah Kominsky
No one ever talks about getting coronavirus in your eyes!

All the experts tell us that we need to wear a mask and socially distance but they never really mention the fact that you can get COVID-19 through contact with your eyes. After I heard about the viral scientist who got it in his eyes while flying home from helping with the pandemic in New York it made me realize that none of us are really safe if we're not protecting our eyes. I'm been working in a restaurant kitchen for years and right through this crisis. And the amount of loud talking from my co-workers puts a lot of droplets from the mouth into the air. I said enough is enough and got these safety goggles to protect myself and the kids that I go home to every night.

Derek Sutherland
The quality is good and the shipping is fast!!!

Let's face it, if you're wearing a mask because you have to be around other people during this crisis and you're not wearing googles to keep airborne spray out of your eyes, you're not really protecting yourself. I recommend these goggles whole heartedly. They take a beating (I've dropped them a bunch of times) and you can get them fast.

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