Hello, World! Welcome to Vital Depot.

Hello, World! Welcome to Vital Depot.

Hello there, fellow wellness enthusiasts and welcome to the starting line! It’s not enough for us to offer fantastic health and fitness products. We want our customers to understand what they’re taking and why, so they can choose which products are best for them. That’s why we’re launching our blog: So you can have a straightforward nutrition and fitness resource to guide you through your journey to total wellness.

We are a small community of people who are dedicating our time and passion towards improving our health and wellness - just like you. And like you, we want to make sure we find the best stuff on Earth to help our bodies and our minds be the best they can be.

At first, this task seemed terribly daunting. We're sure many of you have either felt the same way, or might even be feeling that way now. Maybe you've tried every fitness craze under the sun, only to see the same numbers on the scale. Maybe you've had this supplement or that diet pill enthusiastically recommended to you, only to find out it was a waste of money (or worse). Maybe you keep getting bad advice from friends or co-workers, and can't find a wellness routine that fits into your life and your schedule. Or maybe there's something out of balance, but you're not sure what, and you're just as curious for answers as we are.

Really, no matter who you are, what walk of life you come from, or what your overall wellness goals may be, you've found both a welcoming community and an invaluable resource here at Vital Depot. We are a bunch of runners, Yogis, health nuts, and generally curious people who, like you, want to take a new and holistic approach to our health and wellness. As we make progress along our own individual paths, we want to share our experience and our knowledge to help people who are just starting down their own wellness journeys.  

We don't want to overwhelm anyone with dozens of identical choices; we want to point you towards the products that work. We don't want to get attention by glamorizing the latest diet craze or fitness fad; we want to share helpful, quality information with you and others like you. And we've partnered with some really great companies which share our goals and values. So look forward to some really great recommendations in the near future!

Feel good and be well,

—The Vital Depot Team